PAKS II – An unnecessary, money wasting, risky investment

Short video about the Paks II project.


The video is based on studies, data and calculations, which are available on this website:

Created by Energiaklub Climate Policy Institute and AppliedCommunications -

Supported by the NorwayGrants.

Energiaklub’s primary objective is to launch a national dialogue about the Paks II project, since the investment would significantly define the energy management of Hungary in the coming decades. Numerous issues and risks arise in connection with Paks II, to which the decisionmakers have not provided any explanation, moreover, they classified the documents of the project, so that even basic information is classified. The film would draw attention to the questions and risks of Paks II.

Energiaklub has made a series of analyzes in connection with the investment. These analyzes should have been made by the government as the basis of the decision making process. They failed to do it. We recommend reading all these studies, available on our website: