Energiaklub to appeal against Paks II environmental license

On 29 September 2016 the environmental license of the Paks II project was released by the environmental authority, the Government Office of Baranya County. Energiaklub together with Greenpeace Hungary will appeal against the decision.

The environmental licensing process of the planned new nuclear power plant of Paks has been ongoing since December 2014. Energiaklub has applied to take part in the process as a legal client and sent their analysis of the Environmental Impact Study (EIS), which, according to the respective laws, must be taken into account.

According to the position of Energiaklub the study on the environmental impacts made by the MVM Paks II. Zrt. does not clarify a number of questions of key importance, seems to be unfounded multiple times and bases its statements on obsolete and faulty views. ’The study on the environmental impact of Paks II made by MVM Paks II. Zrt. does not specify the possible management of future waste and the future heat load of River Danube. This means that the most important natural impacts remain unclarified.’ reads the review of Energiaklub on the impacts of Paks II.