About us


Pakskontroll. hu is a civil initiative that is free and independent from any political and economic interest or interest group. It was founded and is operated by ENERGIAKLUB, an organisation that has been working on making the Paks investment project transparent since 2008.

ENERGIAKLUB  is a non-profit organisation that is independent from governments, churches and private companies. Our goal is, through our research, training and extensive communication, to change the attitude of energy producers and users as well as political decision makers towards energy.


The website Pakskontroll.hu aims to strengthen the role of public control in the debate around the construction id the new units of Paks NPP. This requires fact finding, documenting them, and having professional and social dialogue and education.


  • We collect, request, process and publish information and facts in order that the general public can access as much information as possible on the Paks II project.
  • We conduct research and prepare studies in order to analyse and reveal the background information related to the extensions.
  • We investigate the institutional and legal background (both on a national and on an international level), the financial processes and the decision making processes of the project.
  • We make both general and specific proposals about how to solve the problems that have been identified.